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What we do is an award winning technology innovator that enables ambitious manufacturing organisations to connect and improve their businesses and supply chains.


production control systems

Our PRODUCTION CONTROL solutions are configured to the DNA of manufacturing subcontractors and surface engineering companies to streamline operations, embed control, drive improvements and accelerate growth. Our intuitive solutions provide the critical building blocks to establish robust processes and data integrity so that reliable data can be shared with customers and suppliers.





Our APPS offer innovative productivity and collaboration solutions that work standalone or can be bolted on to existing systems. Our apps enable any manufacturing organisation to establish business intelligence, streamline intercompany communication, manage collaborative new product introduction, optimise inventory levels and streamline auditing activities.




valuechain intelligence


Our VALUECHAIN INTELLIGENCE solutions enable organisations and industry associations to map multi-tier supply chains and maintain real-time dashboards that capture and analyse supply chain big data.

 uniquely engages with every tier and commodity within complex manufacturing supply chains which provides vital insight on how best to improve overall supply chain performance. We have established strategic partnerships with several leading Universities to ensure that our technologies remain at the forefront of innovation and connect with the ambitions of our clients.





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  • July 2016 - contribute to NW Industry 4.0 Round Table event

    Tom Dawes, CEO, Tom Dawes, has this week attended a special roundtable debate discussing the current understanding of Industry 4.0 and where the biggest challenges and opportunities lie.

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  • July 2016 - STRIVE project is shortlisted for high profile award

  are delighted to announce that we have been shortlisted for a high profile National award for our STRIVE project.

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