Better Manufacturing, Through Collaborative Work

At Valuechain, we are changing the way supply chains operate. We’re revolutionising how manufacturers communicate and collaborate throughout the whole supply chain, so the cars, planes and machines of the future are safer, cheaper, better quality, and more enjoyable by all of us!

The people who join us must share our commitment to making real, positive change. It is only through daring to change the world that we can make it better place to live. Here, you’ll have the opportunity to develop relationships, with your colleagues, partners, and customers. You’ll be given freedom to create, try new things, explore your passions, and make a lasting impression on the company, and the world.

Do you have what it takes?

People Unlock Possibilities

Every part of what makes a company great starts with people, from fantastic
products, to a world beating strategy. So what are our people like?



As a company, we dream big to achieve big. Together, with us, you can do the same, and have some fun along the way!



You’ll love working in teams, and be able to openly share new ideas with everyone in the company, from Apprentice to CEO.



Whether you have ideas to improve customer satisfaction, or design a new webpage, we want to explore your great ideas with you!



Change is always just round the corner with a unique business like ours, so you’re able to adapt, innovate and enjoy the process.



With offices, partners and clients based around the world, you’ll be happy collaborating and communicating across the world.



You love to continuously learn about the latest developments in your field, and are always eager to try new things.


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Web Developer

Salary: TBC

Location: Bangalore, India

Start Date: August

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