Valuechain enables organisations to compete as world class supply chains.
We provide smart manufacturing software that helps companies to improve productivity,
streamline collaboration and generate intelligence.


Our innovative software designs originated in 1998 during PhD research by Tom Dawes, our CEO and Founder. In parallel to his research, Tom worked for an aerospace subcontractor for 5 years to design and implement production control solutions that streamlined operations and improved capacity management. Towards the end of his research, Tom also worked in a consultancy capacity for Airbus and Westland Helicopters, where he designed and prototyped innovative solutions to improve supply chain communication. The strategy for Valuechain emerged from this unique combination of supply chain research with first-hand experience of real-world challenges faced by primes and subcontractors.

In 2003, Tom recognised that the market was not ready for the Valuechain solutions as very few manufacturing organisations understood the importance of supply chain collaboration. So instead of forming a technology business, Tom formed Aerogistics as an aerospace supply chain integration company to actively promote supply chain collaboration. He then acquired King and Fowler, an aerospace special process facility which quickly grew operations in UK, Poland and India. The company’s success was recognised as the UK’s Best New Business and Tom won UK’s Young Entrepreneur of the Year.

However, in 2008 the aerospace industry was hit hard by the global recession and Aerogistics suffered as a result. The lack of upstream and downstream supply chain collaboration was a critical issue. In particular, ineffective resource planning due to limited customer demand visibility and excess stock required to buffer poor supplier performance.

Through these tough times, Tom identified an opportunity, as the recession had served as a catalyst for traditional manufacturing sectors to adopt new collaborative practices so that they could manage risk and focus on core competences. The timing was now ideal to develop a collaborative platform that would enable companies to connect, collaborative and improve competitiveness. As a result, Tom sold his manufacturing companies in 2010 to focus on launching Valuechain.

Tom partnered with Haifeng Guo, a Chinese National who studied a PhD in Cloud Technologies, and together they established an offshore development team in China to start building production control solutions which we have been successfully selling to global manufacturing subcontractors since 2011. This has enabled us to also develop our innovative productivity, collaboration and intelligence solutions which has also been supported by several UK Government and European Commission innovation grants which we have secure due to the high impact potential of our software designs. The €3.2m Horizon 2020 project in particular has enabled us to accelerate product development and build an experienced team.   In 2016, we acquired Tricorn Systems which has been providing production control software for more than 20 years and has an established team supporting more than 250 manufacturing subcontractors.

Following several years of development and continued innovation, we are proud to bring Valuechain to the market and enable manufacturing organisations to increase productivity, openly collaborate with supply chain partners and generate intelligence to so that they can build world class supply chains.