Paperless analytiQs Management System Paperless analytiQs Management System Paperless analytiQs Management System

Connect, Visualise & Improve Smart Factories

Connect, Visualise & Improve Smart Factories

Data Visualisation in Manufacturing

AnalytiQs is an effortless data visualisation tool, that consolidates all your data into one place, making understanding your business simple.

Streamlining data entry and analysis, AnalytiQs automatically pulls data from connected systems in real time, and creates beautiful graphs and charts to present your data, enabling you to spot trends and identify root causes at the touch of a button.

Share findings with employees, colleagues, customers or suppliers to empower your team, and grow your business.

Identify Issues and Assign Corrective Actions

  •   Easy to get started
  •   Go Mobile
  •   Improve & Grow
  •   Access your data anywhere
  •   Best Practice Library
  •   Personalised Dashboards

Streamlining Hundreds of Businesses

Valuechain support over 300 businesses to improve productivity

Bentley Motors AnalytiQs Customer

"Valuechain understood the challenges of advanced manufacturing businesses and the importance of real-time data that can be relied upon to make informed decisions. The Valuechain solutions have generated savings of 48% and are streamlining our new product launch process."

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AnalytiQs Features

  • Access your data anywhere
  • Personalised Dashboards
  • Unlimited Chart Types
  • Real Time Analysis
  • Powerful Click-through Analysis
  • Collaborate & Drive Improvements
  • Quick & Easy User Interface
  • Experienced, Dedicated Support

Access your data anywhere

Accessible Data Anywhere AnalytiQs

AnalytiQs is hosted in a secure data centre, so whether you’re in the office, on the shopfloor, or on business overseas, you can always stay up to date with the latest information on how your business is performing.

Accessible Data Anywhere AnalytiQs

Personalised Dashboards

Personalised Dashboards Connected Data

Access all your data in one place, and view it in your personalised dashboard. Connect all your data – whether it’s MRP systems, databases, spreadsheets or cloud apps and segment into teams or departments to gain even clearer insights.

Unlimited Chart Types

Unlimited Chart Types AnalytiQs

With over 15 different chart and graph types available, you’re guaranteed to find the best way to view your data, in a way that’s meaningful to all your stakeholders. Configure your charts to your needs, with endless customisable options.

Unlimited Chart Types AnalytiQs

Real Time Analysis

Personalised dashboard automatically updates. Pull in real-time data and place it right at your fingertips, so it’s available when you need it most.

Powerful Click-through Analysis

Gain instant knowledge at the touch of a button to understand why performance was so good that month and learn how to replicate it. Make informed decisions, spot trends and predict upcoming performance to stay ahead of the competition and grow your business.

Collaborate & Drive Improvements

Collaborate Securely Share Reporting and Drive Improvements

Securely share your reports cross platform as a PDF or in an email when you want to show shareholders how well you’re doing. Access and share best practice business very quickly, to drive continuous sustainable improvements.

Quick & Easy User Interface

Quick Intuitive User Interface

AnalytiQs’ intuitive user interface ensures it’s simple to get to the data you need, when you need it with the drag/drop tool. Optimised integrations can be up and running in as little as 10 minutes.

Quick Intuitive User Interface

Experienced, Dedicated Support

Experienced Dedicated Support AnalytiQs Management Team

Our support team are experts in our solutions, and have worked in manufacturing companies across the UK, so we understand how important it is that you’re up & running at critical times. We have a dedicated help manual which covers how to perform any action in AnalytiQs, so if you get stuck, it’s easy to fix.

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With over 500 Manufacturing clients, worldwide, you’ll be in good company using AnalytiQs

Bentley Motors Valuechain Customer

"Valuechain understood the challenges of advanced manufacturing businesses and the importance of real-time data that can be relied upon to make informed decisions. The Valuechain solutions have generated savings of 48% and are streamlining our new product launch process."

Manufacturing Engineer Manager,
Bentley Motors

Bentley Motors Valuechain Customer
Eaves Machining Logo AnalytiQs Customer

"AnalytiQs has saved us hours! It has automated performance reports and job costing analysis, meaning we spend more time improving performance, not just monitoring it."

Owen Sharples, GM
Eaves Machining

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Monthly Annually
Feature Pro
Maximum users
Hosting Option
Integration POA
Maximum Dashboard Tabs Unlimited
Share Dashboard Tabs Right
Create Basic Charts (Table, Summary, Bar, Line, Pie, Scatter) Right
Share reports (email) Right
Create Advanced Charts (stacked bar, multi bar, percentage charts, waterfall, boxplots, multi-line, spider, pie breakdown, rose, bubble, combined charts) Right
Clickthrough charts for detailed information Right
Export as images, spreadsheet or PDF Right
Share reports (Portal) Right
Level of support Help Manual & Online Chat

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