Flexible electronic issue capture, and data analysis software to generate product life cycle intelligence for manufacturers

iQapture is a flexible data capture and analysis tool that generates business intelligence

  • Save time by streamlining the way that issues are captured, analysed and actioned throughout your business.
  • Engage your entire workforce in continuous improvement activities from shopfloor to boardroom.
  • Generate business intelligence so that lessons are learnt and not just logged.
  • Collaborate with external partners by sharing data securely and effortlessly.

Key Features

Data Analysis iQapture
  • Design highly configurable data capture interfaces that can be accessed immediately using mobile devices.
  • Integrate with existing business systems or use as a standalone solution.
  • Assign improvement activities to your team members.
  • Create smart dashboards that can be personalised for individual users or teams.

Converting Data into Intelligence

iQapture was developed in collaboration with Bentley Motors and University of Liverpool to capture intelligence throughout the product lifecycle of advanced manufacturing businesses.

iQapture is perfect for any company looking to create electronic data capture forms that simplify data collection and generate reports and charts that can be shared easily with colleagues and partners to build value chain intelligence.

"Multiple areas of the business are finding innovative uses for these tools, to benefit a range of areas"

-Mark Harding, Bentley Motors

Manufacturing Data Intelligence Form

Smart Dashboards

Easily analyse all the captured data using our intuitive advanced reporting and create smart dashboards that can be customised for individual users

"We can demonstrate we are reducing times to capture and identify problems by up to 48%"

-Mark Harding, Bentley Motors

How Does It Work?

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Analyse and visualise intelligence


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Diagnose and manage improvements


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Featured Case

Simulation Tools for Rapid Innovation in Vehicle Engineering

Product Lifecycle Integration, Intelligence & Innovation

"Valuechain’s iQapture enabled Bentley to replace fragmented spreadsheets with an integrated solution that used mobile devices to capture data from virtual reality visualisation of new concept vehicles and virtual manufacturing simulation through to physical prototyping and full production."

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Valuechain intelligent manufacturing software
Valuechain intelligent manufacturing software