Intelligent manufacturing supply chains

OpenBook enables manufacturing businesses to connect, collaborate and communicate with customers and suppliers.

You will drive competitiveness by streamlining internal/external business processes and make more informed decisions through supply chain intelligence.

Collaborative Customer & Supplier Networks Openbook
  • Integrate with your internal business systems or upload customer & supplier details
  • Analyse customer & supplier 'passive' intelligence without connecting to partners
  • Connect with some or all partners and capture ‘active’ supply chain intelligence
  • Integrate with your internal systems and share data with your customers and suppliers
  • Enable customers and suppliers to update your data with revised schedules and communication
  • Access data shared by your customers and suppliers and update their data
  • Manage customer and supplier data by exception
Share Data Integrate with Customers and Suppliers Openbook
Capture Supply Chain Intelligence Openbook
  • Create customised customer questionnaires and supplier audits with automatic reminders and exception reporting
  • Integrate with your internal systems to capture dynamic operational performance
  • Integrate with 3rd party databases to capture publicly accessible data e.g. financial, accreditations etc.
  • Map your customers and suppliers by location, commodity, size, performance or any criteria you choose
  • Invite your suppliers to connect with subtier suppliers and request data sharing with your extended supply chain
  • Analyse consolidated data using intuitive supply chain mapping interfaces
Map Multi-Tier Supply Chains Openbook
Supplier Development Programme Automate Assessment Scheduling Openbook
  • Create & maintain customised supplier audits using mobile devices
  • Automate assessment scheduling and streamline performance validation process
  • Monitor supplier performance dashboards
  • Manage improvement programmes by exception through personalised task consoles
  • Capture all supplier communication
  • Dynamic supplier benchmarking which can be shared anonymously with supply chain partners
  • Maintain all customer details & history
  • Manage & schedule activities
  • Maintain & monitor customer opportunity pipeline
  • Manage customer complaints & non-conformances
  • Maintain customer projects by exception through personalised task consoles
  • Capture all customer communication
Customer Relationship Management Openbook
Supply Chain Big Data Analytics Advanced Reports Openbook
  • create advanced reports and dashboards
  • generate supply chain diagnostic analytics by capturing root cause issues and lessons learned
  • visualise complex data using intuitive user interfaces
Valuechain intelligent manufacturing software
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Valuechain intelligent manufacturing software
Valuechain intelligent manufacturing software