Retriever Technology Calibration Management A2Z Manager

Current application areas:

  • Calibration management and gauge management
  • Integrated quality control
  • Compliance and asset management
  • Document management and control

A2Z Manager

Calibration management software and management software for gauges and instruments covering recall, calibration, events, certificates, R&R studies and historical records with hard-copy and electronic document storage.

Enables users to meet the requirements of national and international quality standards such as ISO9000, QS9000, TS16949, AS9100 or ISO17025 and links to calibration equipment hardware. Single-user and network versions. 4 functional levels to accommodate systems from simple recall and traceability up to calibration laboratory standard.

Supporting Hundreds of Global Organisations

Supporting Hundreds of Global Organisations Retriever


  • Comprehensive physical asset database with filtering/sorting
  • Recall Management controls with fixed time intervals, real-time usage & counts plus reports
  • Location tracking & stores procedures with traceability
  • Activity records for calibration, gauge studies, repair and maintenance, with history on file
  • Traceability to in-house inspection equipment, National Standards, sub-contractor and batch
  • Record calibrations where no shop-floor network connection/ Wi-Fi s available

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Valuechain intelligent manufacturing software
Valuechain intelligent manufacturing software