FC Laser Streamlining Business Performance DNAsme

Streamlining Business Performance using DNAsme

Streamlining Business Performance using DNAsme
FC Laser Streamlining Business Performance DNAsme

Company Background

FC Laser are a precision laser cutting company, striving to change perceptions that their job isn’t just cutting steel and supplying it to customers in a box. With 15 employees, FC Laser provide their services to a vast amount of customers in the general engineering sector.

Challenges Prior to DNAsme

Inefficient order processing and paperwork generation

All reports were generated manually on spreadsheets

Lack of systemisation relied entirely on key personnel

Raising purchase orders manually & poor cost control

Time consuming to provide order book updates to customers

Our Solution

Configured to the DNA of FC Laser’s business processes

business processes from quotation through to invoicing

& dashboards generated automatically & accessed through mobile devices

to balance customer demand and optimise production efficiencies

streamlining order process, controlling costs and generating auto schedules

analysis current and historical order book status, inventory and performance

Precision Laser Cutting FC Laser

“DNAsme has enabled us to grow by 20% over the past 12 months without increasing our support staff. If it wasn’t for DNAsme, we would have thrown mor people at inefficient processes to handle the growth which would have eroded our profitability. However with the proactive support of the Valuechain team, we are confident of sustaining our controlled growth and continually improving our competitiveness.”

- Danny Fathom, Managing Director
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Valuechain intelligent manufacturing software
Valuechain intelligent manufacturing software