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The DNA4.0 Virtual Smart Factory demonstrates how digital manufacturing technologies can support businesses to improve productivity and competitiveness.

Developed in collaboration with the University of Liverpool’s Virtual Engineering Centre, Valuechain’s DNA4.0 provides an immersive environment to engage people from all backgrounds and demystify the benefits of Industry 4.0 digital manufacturing technologies.

Take a tour of DNA4.0 to experience the future of digital manufacturing.

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DNA4.0 virtual smart factory

Smart Customer Hub

Providing excellent customer service and account management is vital to retain customer, and drive sustainable growth.

Explore how integrated customer portals can share real-time business intelligence through personalised customer interfaces.

Digitalise customer relationship management, to ensure proactive management and communication.

Smart Customer hub
virtual reality smart manufacturing

Smart Manufacturing Operations

Maximising plant effectiveness whilst maintain reliable delivery performance, can only be achieved through integrated capacity planning and scheduling.

Modelling what-if scenarios based on real-time plant utilisation data enables smart factories to generate optimised manufacturing plans.

Automate communication of dynamic work-to lists and digital standard operating procedures.

Capture real-time production status and innovations, through shop-floor displays and mobile devices.

Integrated Stores

Ensuring stock availability whilst minimising tied up cash, is critical to running a competitive and agile business.

Explore how digitalised store provide real-time inventory optimisation, and how digital technologies can streamline and improve store management.

experience industry 4.0
Virtual reality factory auditing

Digitalised QHSE Management Systems

Customers demand 100% right first time and the safety of your workforce is paramount. It is therefore critical to have digitalised quality, health, safety and environmental management systems.

Consolidate all of your QHSE compliance audits and proactively manage corrective actions through integrated task consoles. Capture business intelligence to ensure lessons are learned and preventative measures are embedded.

Connected Business Support

Ensuring the right data gets to the right people at the right time, to make informed decisions is a critical building block for digital manufacturing.

Explore the DNA4.0 business support offices, and learn how data is shared in between your business leaders, support teams and production operators, by using smart dashboards and personalised task consoles.

From sales and customer relationship management, production engineering, new product introduction, and procurement, through to human resources and finance; see how smart software streamlines business support departments, captures intelligence and drives productivity.

Smart factory business intelligence
supply chain intelligence portal

Intelligent Supplier Hub

Without a reliable supply chain it is impossible to plan operations effectively to optimise manufacturing productivity and delivery performance.

Explore the DNA4.0 smart supplier hub to learn how digitalised procurement, integrated supplier management portals and real-time intelligence can reduce supply chain risks and costs, streamline transactions and improve supplier performance.

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supply chain intelligence portal
supply chain intelligence portal
supply chain intelligence portal
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Valuechain intelligent manufacturing software
Valuechain intelligent manufacturing software