Data Integrated Supply Chain Optimisation (DISCO)

Valuechain has secured a €3.2m Horizon 2020 Project from the European Commission for the SME Instrument New Business Model category.

European Commission Data Integrated Supply Chain Optimisation

The project, titled ‘Data Integrated Supply Chain Optimisation’ (DISCO), focuses on commercialising technologies prototyped and piloted during several Innovate UK projects and two Aerospace Growth Partnership NATEP Projects (National Aerospace Technology Exploitation Programme).

DISCO Cycle Improve Competitiveness

As part of the DISCO project Valuechain will also provide supply chain intelligence solutions to European aerospace and defence organisations and industry associations to streamline the delivery of improvement programmes and increase supplier benefits.

Valuechain Ecosystem Connect Collaborate

The objective of the DISCO project is to commercialise the Valuechain Ecosystem which is a scalable cloud-based platform that enables manufacturing businesses to optimise overall supply chain performance by connecting with supply chain partners, capturing and analysing real-time structured and unstructured data from internal and external sources, and providing multiple scenario plans to optimise individual company and overall supply chain performance through predictive analytics.

The Valuechain Ecosystem offers disruptive technologies that will catalyse the creation of 4 new SME business models in high value manufacturing sectors, unlocking the potential of vertical and horizontal integrated networks of businesses that could not previously collaborate effectively as the information exchange between businesses was very fragmented and manually executed.

STRIVE Project New Business Models

Combining real-time knowledge of the supply chain with predictive analytics will provide unprecedented visibility and decision support for manufacturing supply chains and enable European manufacturing companies to monitor and mitigate supply chain risk, create dynamic collaborative supply chain networks by streamlining operations and reduce waste to improve global competitiveness.

Successful completion of a Feasibility Study, including 22 pilot trials, has proven customer interest and price point acceptance from all tiers of the supply chain. A technical development plan has been put together with focus on end user requirements captured. This project will enable Valuechain to build on its existing commercialised supply chain collaboration and mapping solutions and secure first mover advantage.

About Horizon 2020 SME Instrument - New business models

The Horizon 2020 SME Instrument directly supports European small and medium-sized enterprises with a strong desire to develop, grow, and internationalize their most innovative ideas. The instrument is relevant for high-tech and research driven companies as well as service companies, and SMEs applying in a consortium or alone.

Phase 1 funding is aimed at exploring and assessing the technical feasibility and commercial potential of breakthrough innovation.

  • Activities include risk assessment, market study, user involvement, Intellectual Property (IP) management, innovation strategy development, partner search, feasibility of concept etc.
  • A lump sum of EUR 50,000 towards proof-of-concept and feasibility studies

Phase 2 funding is aimed at innovation projects supported by a sound and strategic business plan (potentially made possible by phase 1 funding) aimed at commercialisation.

  • Activities include prototyping​
  • demonstration activities​
  • Support of up to 70% of total project cost
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