Innovation Projects

Engaging in highly innovative projects with world-class organisations

Innovation Projects

Our innovation projects are advancing the way that manufacturing companies and their supply chain networks drive productivity, collaborate and build intelligence. We have a proven track record of successfully bridging the gap between academic best practices and real world challenges by converting the latest technology concepts into pilot solutions before full scale rollout. This award-winning approach means we remain at the forefront of innovation and continually deliver solutions that are fully aligned to the requirements of our clients.


Our innovation projects are bridging the gap between academia and industry, combining best practice supply chain research with the latest cloud, security and analytics technologies to unlock new supply chain productivity, collaboration and intelligence opportunities for advanced manufacturing supply chains. Our ability to deliver tangible solutions to solve real world problems that are loved by our clients has been recognised by multiple national and international awards.

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We collaborate with several leading Universities, technology innovators and forward thinking manufacturing businesses that keenly embrace latest technologies.

Innovative Solutions

Our solutions integrate seamlessly with disparate systems to solve specific issues within your business and drive continuous improvement; all available through our secure data centre, so you can safely access data on the go, on multiple devices.

Our productivity, collaboration and intelligence solutions integrate seamlessly with disparate systems to drive efficiencies and competitiveness with within your business and supply chain network.

Productivity, Collaboration and Intelligence Solutions
Valuechain intelligent manufacturing software
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Valuechain intelligent manufacturing software
Valuechain intelligent manufacturing software