iQapture Digital Issue Capture Software​ iQapture Digital Issue Capture Software​
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Digital Issue Capture

Digital Issue Capture

When businesses introduce new products, plant, people or processes, it is inevitable that issues will arise that need to be captured and resolved. However, as businesses scale it becomes increasingly fragmented and inefficient to rely on manual spreadsheet-based systems. Importantly it is even harder to communicate and embed proactive preventative measures.

Do you use multiple spreadsheets to capture data, track progress and generate key performance measures?​

When key people are away, do you sometimes struggle to maintain or modify master spreadsheets and track progress?​

Would you prefer to consolidate all your data capture requirements through one integrated solution that tracks progress by exception and generates automated reporting?​

Bentley Motors
“By implementing the issue capture tool, we can demonstrate we are reducing times to capture and identify problems by up to 48%"

Streamline Data Capture Throughout Your Business

iQapture retains the flexibility of spreadsheets but incorporates easily configurable issue capture interfaces, integrated task consoles and dashboards to ensure continuity throughout your organisation. Organisations can easily consolidate and digitalise their end-to-end issue capture, resolution and reporting processes to embed business intelligence.

Capture and consolidate fragmented information to gain complete visibility

Capture and consolidate fragmented information to gain complete visibility

Quotation Templates
Contract Review
Engineering & Design Data Capture
Production Data Capture
Manufacturing Checklists
Human Resources Data Capture
Risk Assessments
Training Records
REACH Data Capture
Inspection Checklists
NCR Register (Non-Conformance Report)

Create Standardised Scalable Issue Capture

Mobile Data Capture Software

Ensure data integrity and standardised issue capture throughout your business.

Managers can create templates to be distributed to engineers across multiple sites or lines to maintain control. Up-issue questionnaires and maintain full audit trail with version control of what was changed and when.

Capture and consolidate information from multiple sources throughout your business. With offline and mobile access iQapture lets you capture information across your business, on the shop floor, in the field, or in the office. Collect and store information in one centralised location to analyse together.

Capture disparate data efficiently and effectively through one consolidated platform and generate advanced reporting. With offline and mobile access, iQapture lets you capture information across your business, on the
shop floor, in the field, or in the office. Combine data sets
to gain visibility of complete processes, from
Quotations to NCRs, and analyse information to
learn efficiently and effectively and
prevent reoccurrence of
preventable issues.

Mobile Data Capture Software

Best Practice Template Library

Manufacturing data capture software

Developed in collaboration with leading OEMs and by a team with decades of manufacturing experience, iQapture includes downloadable templates ready for use in your factory.

With variations by industry, iQapture is adaptable to your business.

Manufacturing data capture software

Digitalise Issue Capture

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Valuechain intelligent manufacturing software
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