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Capturing Improvement Ideas in Industry 4.0

In recent years, customers have become more interested in engaging with the products and services that businesses supply to them; and employees want to engage with their workplace to drive improvements.

Therefore, capturing improvement ideas from employees, customers and partners is a great way to generate innovation ideas and identify opportunities for new products.

However, often, this information is captured in isolation, through 3rd party systems or fragmented spreadsheets. Which often means that these improvement ideas are lost, or not fully utilised.


An Integrated Data Capture Platform

iQapture embeds best practice market research, product improvement and employee satisfaction surveys; to be disseminated with internal or external contacts. Information can be captured anonymously, or with full audit trail or who filled out and when.

Integrating with business systems, information is captured dynamically and can be analysed amongst your operational, technical and commercial data, to generate business improvement ideas.

An Integrated Data Capture Platform

Employee Feedback

Easily collect and analyse employee and leadership feedback across your company with iQapture’s questionnaire functionality.

Encouraging employees to feedback through the company is a key way to unlock innovative new ideas, understand if your workforce share company values, and really understand how your leadership teams are performing. However, engagement can be difficult to attain through regular questionnaire and survey methods.

iQapture drives engagement with employee feedback initiatives by taking branded design to a new level and interactive question types.

Questions can be answered anonymously or with full audit traceability of who answered what, and when. Conduct A/B testing, and tailor your questionnaires to different departments, sites and regions by segmenting your audience and scheduling questionnaires to be delivered.

Create KPIs to be monitored and update results in real-time as your employees fill in their answers, so you can identify how to improve and capture the next best ideas for your business. Assign actions directly from the app to team members, so you can capture and implement ideas efficiently.


Market Research

Generate actionable market insights to drive product innovation and service improvement.

Whether it’s through focus groups, online surveys or customer review sites, market research is an integral part of the product lifecycle. However, distributing blanket surveys can yield limited results, while focus groups can be incredibly time-consuming; and the data is often difficult integrate and analyse all together.

iQapture offers an engaging platform embedding into your website that closely aligns to your brand improve respondent rates and drive continuously improve initiatives.

When combined with Valuechain’s AnalytiQs platform, iQapture integrates disparate data sources, and structures your information to display the results you need.

Create actions directly from the app to ensure improvement ideas are recorded and implemented effectively and efficiently.

Market Research

Supported by UK Government to create a tool to benchmark adoption of digital technologies through UK Industry, the Digital Readiness Level helps companies understand their current position and the necessary steps they will need to take in order to get the most out of the opportunities that a digital industry will offer in the forthcoming years.

Digital Readiness Level scale

iQapture digitalised the questionnaire, providing an engaging platform for companies and teams to answer questions dynamically through an open platform. By offering a cloud-based solution, we empowered consultants to conduct the questionnaires in different environments as well, including on-site with manufacturers or at an event.

The Dynamic results creation allows users to access previous results online or download PDF version and share results with their teams.

Digitalise Questionnaires

Data Capture & Analysis Throught Your Business

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