Make The Most of Additive Manufacture

Emerging as a disruptive technology in the Aerospace sector, Additive Manufacture is now the ideal choice to produce specialised tooling and prototypes, and more recently, flying aerospace components.

However, ERP systems have failed to keep up with the specialised demands for additive manufacturing build management and powder traceability.
Until now.

DNA am A New Way

DNAam manages AM build planning and provides complete powder traceability, with batch splitting, control of blending and powder recovery management.

It can be used in conjunction with our range of DNA production control systems or integrated with your existing ERP system to cater for the specific requirements of additive manufacture.

Unlock the Full Potential of Additive Manufacture

Maximise the benefits of Additive Manufacturing with DNAam

  • Powder Traceability
  • Inventory Management
  • Chemical Analysis
  • Batch Splitting & Blending
  • Build File Management
  • Quality Control

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