Production Control Software for Subcontract Manufacturers


Subcontract machining companies are all different and have different needs from their production control software, that’s why we configure our solutions to your company’s DNA. DNAsme has been developed specifically for subcontract manufacturing engineers, allowing you to streamline operations, continuously improve and accelerate growth.

DNAsme has the flexibility to be configured for precision machining businesses with complex bills of material or fabrication companies that group jobs to be processed simultaneously. It can allow easy access for all users or be locked down for more controlled processes. DNAsme can be easily tailored to best suit your company and installed with the minimum disruption to business processes.

DNAsme subcontract manufacturing production control software

DNAsme covers from quotation all the way to invoice, reducing manual processes and disparate systems, allowing you to make informed decisions based on accurate data.

It provides:
  • ISO9001 and TS16959 compliance and traceability
  • Scheduling and capacity planning
  • Shopfloor data collection
  • Make to stock and Kanban management
  • Sell from stock functionality
  • Quality control, including rejects, reworks and corrective action reporting
  • Job costing and margin analysis data
  • Advanced business reporting
DNAsme interfaces with SAGE, Pegasus, Xero and other premier accounting packages, closing the loop to your financial system. A two-way dynamic link can be enabled, allowing you to see and act upon real-time credit statuses of your customers and suppliers.

Key Features

Features of the system include:
  • Job costing including materials, labour, sub-contract, components and tooling
  • Create quotes from estimates, previous quotes, works orders or parts templates
  • Direct email of documents via Outlook
  • Customer order acknowledgments
  • Customer specification version control
  • Supplier purchase orders for materials and components
  • Full traceability of batches, materials and subcontract treatments
  • Shop floor data capture and live WIP tracking
  • Stock management for materials and finished parts including minimum, replenishment and maximum holdings
  • Comprehensive report library
  • Attach links to external files (drawings, Certificates of Conformity, NC programs etc.)
  • Delivery notes & Certificates of Conformity
  • Multi-currency invoicing, credit notes and pro formas
  • Accounts package integration

Valuechain Benefits

knowledgeable support staff
Our reliable and knowledgeable support staff understand engineering companies and can help you with industry best practice to ensure you are getting the most out of our software.
software that grows with you
DNAsme’s features make it easy for you to adhere to ISO9001 requirements, whilst planning capacity utilisation effectively and allowing you to meet customer expectations.
flexible payment options
You can choose a rental model for the software or pay for licences and maintenance, we are flexible to ensure the best option for you.
flexible training options
We offer onsite or remote training sessions alongside access to our comprehensive online help manual.
business improvement apps
All of our production control solutions can be coupled with our business improvement apps, opening up opportunities for advanced reporting and bespoke dashboards, knowledge capture throughout your product’s lifecycle, mobile auditing and supply chain collaboration.

Our Experience

At Valuechain, we have over 100 years subcontract engineering experience, so we understand the challenges faced by SMEs.

Our leadership and technical support teams have vast experience of owning and working within subcontract engineering firms and the associated challenges of managing resources, customers and cash. We have:

  • Founded and successfully grown two subcontract engineering companies
  • Had senior production engineering roles working with complex bills of material
  • Fulfilled production management and supply chain management roles, responsible for managing people, plant and partners
  • Provided business improvement consultancy to hundreds of subcontract engineering companies in UK, Ireland, Poland, Singapore, UAE, India, Mexico and Australia.
We don’t just supply production control software, we also provide industry best practice and years of relevant experience.

Innovation Projects

Innovation is at the heart of everything we do here at Valuechain. During our history, we have instigated and participated in a number of successful subcontract engineering excellence projects to improve the manufacturing industry for the future.

We are committed to developing solutions that are forward looking and resolve as many of the challenges faced by engineering companies as possible. We continue to be involved in several innovative projects to ensure we can provide the best solutions for our customers.

Innovation Partners

We pride ourselves on ensuring all our solutions are forward looking and encourage industry best practice. None of our innovations would be possible without the support of dedicated partners, who aid the development of our unique ideas.