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Make The Most of Additive Manufacture

Additive manufacturing is quickly emerging as a disruptive technology in advanced manufacturing sectors by enabling agile manufacture of complex components, whilst significantly reducing material waste. Now, companies of all sizes are investing in state-of-the-art additive manufacturing machines.

However, ERP systems have failed to keep up with the specialised demands for additive manufacturing build management and powder traceability. Until now.

DNAam A New Way

DNAam manages AM build planning and provides complete powder traceability, with batch splitting, control of blending and powder recovery management.

It can be used in conjunction with our range of DNA production control systems or integrated with your existing ERP system to cater for the specific requirements of additive manufacture.

Unlock the Full Potential of Additive Manufacture

Maximise the benefits of Additive Manufacturing with DNAam

  • Powder Traceability
  • Inventory Management
  • Chemical Analysis
  • Batch Splitting & Blending
  • Build File Management
  • Quality Control

Get Ahead of Your Competition

Join the elite group of companies using the latest Additive Manufacturing software

DNAam Customer Airbus Additive Manufacturing
DNAam Customer Zenith Tecnica Additive Manufacturing

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DNAam Features

All of our DNA Production Control solutions include everything you need to streamline internal processes from Quotation through to Invoicing. DNAam includes all these features and more, as it helps to maximise the benefits gained by using Additive Manufacturing.

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Build File Management Production Control Streamline

Build File Management

Chemical Analysis Production Control

Chemical Analysis

Batch Splitting Blending Production Control

Batch Splitting & Blending

Inventory Management Production Control Improve Communications

Inventory Management

Inclusions Reporting Production Control

Inclusions Reporting

Quality Control Production Control

Quality Control

Powder Trace Visibility Production Control

Visible Powder Traceability

Tooling Equipment Management Production Control

Tooling & Consumables Management

Powder Status Locations Production Control

Powder Status & Locations

Visual stock location & management - DNAam

Visual Stock Location Management

Powder tolerances - DNAam

Powder Tolerance

Chemical trial – Aerospace Additive Manufacturing

Chemical Trial

DNAam in Action

Watch how DNAam streamlines your AM processes.

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Everything you need, in one place
Complete Control over your Inventory
Visible powder traceability
Access full chemical analysis records
Manage blending and splitting

An Elite Group of Additive Manufacturers

Used by both additive manufacturing specialists, and those bringing AM in house, DNAam is bringing benefits to all who use it.

DNAam Customer Airbus Additive Manufacturing

The additive manufacturing team at Airbus UK previously relied on manual systems to provide the comprehensive traceability required for aerospace additive manufacturing. By integrating with Airbus` existing systems as a turn-key solution, DNAam manages the complexities of additive manufacturing from one comprehensive system; streamlining the entire process, including build file management, shop floor data capture, chemical analysis and powder test analysis.

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