Flexible MRP for Manufacturing Companies

Flexible MRP for Manufacturing Companies
Flexible MRP for Manufacturing Companies

One System For Your Manufacturing Business

As your business grows, you gain new customers, new suppliers and more staff to manage. Stringent regulations and new customer specifications can put increasing pressures on your business to reduce prices yet expect faster delivery times and better customer services.
To adapt and thrive amongst the mounting paperwork and compliance requirements in your production process, you need to reduce inefficiencies and streamline operations by managing your whole manufacturing process from one system.

Valuechain intelligent manufacturing software

Manufacturing business software - Tricorn: Enterprise

Tricorn: Enterprise is developed for your unique requirements, by a team that understands the paperwork, capacity planning, and customer visibility challenges facing subcontract manufacturers.

Advanced Scheduling & Job Costing

Tricorn: Enterprise allows you to process even highly complex jobs. This is possible using a number of features that don’t interrupt your existing schedule.

Shop Floor Data Capture Manufacturing Software

Shop Floor Data Capture

Finite Scheduling for Manufacturing Production Software

Finite Scheduling

Real-time job costing

Real-time Costing

Advanced Reporting and Analysis

Advanced reporting

“The system has enabled our company to see and analyse "real-time" statistics of projects on the shop floor, leading to increased throughput and profitability."

-Lyndhurst Precision

Precision Engineering MRP Software

Designed for Subcon

Gain live WIP tracking by combining job scheduling, SFDC and advanced reporting. Ensure compliance with ISO9001, IATF16949 and more with full audit trail of who did what, when and for how long

Valuechain Team of Manufacturing Experts

By Subcon Experts

With decades of experience running subcontract manufacturing businesses, Tricorn: Enterprise has been designed to overcome the operation, technical and commercial challenges you face on a daily basis.

A System That Grows As You Do

As an ambitious company looking to grow, you want to know that the system you buy won’t need replacing in 3 years. With our innovative modular system, you can upgrade your system at any point, depending on what you want to achieve.

Aerospace Excellence & AS9100 Compliance

Aerospace Excellence

Supplier Portal and performance management

Supplier Portal

Smart Workflow and Process Management

Smart Workflow

Manufacturing Business intelligence software

Business Intelligence

Digitalise Your Manufacturing Business

Lyndhurst Precision -  Tricorn: Enterprise MRP Software
PES Engineering Ltd -  Tricorn: Enterprise MRP Software
AC Price -  Tricorn: Enterprise Manufacturing Software

Improving Manufacturing Productivity

All of our Production Control solutions include everything you need to streamline internal processes from Quotation through to Invoicing. Tricorn: Enterprise includes all these features and more, as it offers unique functionality to overcome industry challenges.

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Tricorn: Enterprise job costing & analysis

Job Costing & Analysis

Tooling Control - Tricorn: Enterprise

Tooling Control

Job splitting - Tricorn: Enterprise

Job Splitting

Capacity Planning

Capacity Planning

Shop Floor Data Collection

Shop Floor Data Collection

Bill Of Materials

Bill Of Materials

Live WIP tracking

Live WIP tracking

ISO9001 & TS16949 traceability

ISO9001 & TS16949 traceability

Quality Control

Quality Control

Full Stock Inventory System - MRP

Full Stock Inventory System

Advanced Business Reporting – Metal finishing MRP

Advanced Business Reporting

Control Centre - Tricorn: Enterprise

Control Centre

Need More From Your System?

Because Tricorn: Enterprise is configurable to your business needs, we provide you with a core system for your industry, and give you the flexibility to create the system you need

AS9100 compliance software

Aerospace Excellence

Supplier Portal

Supplier Portal

Smart Workflow

Smart Workflow

Business Intelligence

Business Intelligence

Modular Production Software

Our modular Tricorn: Enterprise system ensures you have the flexibility to adopt a system you need, and scale up as your business grows. All our Production Control systems embed the core functionality needed to effectively manage your business, but we also offer the opportunity to take your business to next level, with our business improvement modules.

Modular Production Software

Tricorn: Enterprise Core Building Blocks

Tricorn: Enterprise core modules cover from quotation through to invoicing, without the need to supplement your system with additional spreadsheets.

buildings blocks
Sales Engineering Building Block Sales Engineering Building Block

Sales Engineering

Production Planning Building Block Production Planning Building Block

Production Planning

Purchasing Control Building block Purchasing Control Building block

Purchasing Control

Quality Building Block Quality Building Block


Finance Building Block Finance Building Block


Sales Order Processing Building Block Sales Order Processing Building Block

Sales Order Processing

Production Building Block Production Building Block


Shop Floor Data Collection Building Block Shop Floor Data Collection Building Block

Shop Floor Data Collection

Human Resources Building Block Human Resources Building Block

Human Resources

Reporting Building Block Reporting Building Block


Do even more with Valuechain modules

Beyond managing the core manufacturing processes, consolidating spreadsheets and paperwork into one central system can reduce inefficiencies and manual data entry to streamline operations across your whole business.
However, we understand that your business has unique needs.

Our Business Improvement modules enable you to customise your system to suit your company’s needs, and only pay for the modules you want.
See below to find out more about the modules our clients love to use in conjunction with their Tricorn: Enterprise platform

Aerospace MRP Software

Aerospace Excellence

NPI & Contract Review

NPI & Contract Review

special process capacity planning

Smart Workflow

MRP business intelligence & advanced reporting

Business Intelligence

Mobile Auditing & Compliance Software

Mobile auditing

Intelligent Data Capture

Smart Data Capture

See What Else Tricorn: Enterprise Can Do

Streamline Production from Quotation to Invoice

Sales Order Entry
Shop Floor Data Capture

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Helping Manufacturing SMEs Improve Productivity

Lyndhurst Precision Engineering Ltd.

Lyndhurst Precision Engineering Ltd.

Since 1986, Lyndhurst Precision Engineering have been working to supply the demand for tooling and engineering equipment in the nuclear, aerospace, medical and defence sectors. With highly complex jobs, a standard production control solution would not satisfy their needs. With the system however, production engineering processes have become 40% more efficient.

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Global Laser
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Valuechain intelligent manufacturing software
Valuechain intelligent manufacturing software