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Mitigating the Supply Chain Bullwhip Effect & Streamlining Cluster Inefficiencies

What's the solution?

Valuechain optimises the competitiveness of global manufacturing supply chains. We help by improving multi-tier visibility of risk and performance, streamlining collaboration to remove waste and generating upstream / downstream intelligence, which improves supply chain decision-making.

Balance volatility

If you’re struggling to keep up with fluctuations in demand and availability of supply chain elements, Valuechain can help.

Supply chain issues come from all directions. The supply chain bullwhip effect, for example, is a common issue in complex supply chains. It’s passed down from manufacturers that want to improve efficiencies, which can end up putting more pressure on suppliers. Even for those who have perfect data coming in from the three Ps internally – plant, processes and people –  a lack of understanding about factors such as customer volatility and poor supply chain performance can be make or break. 

The answer lies in data that leads to a realistic understanding of all supply chain influences. Valuechain helps customers collect high quality, reliable data for both analysis and partner sharing. With Supplier Portal, all suppliers have orderbook visibility, helping reduce the pressure on communication from top to bottom when it comes to order predictions. Valuechain ensures every supplier in the chain can see this information – not just those at the top end. This helps change in demand or timescales settle across the whole chain, meaning volatility can’t take hold with the same effects as in an uncommunicative chain. 

Ease the complexity

If you think you could be keeping better records of actions within your supply chain, here’s what we can do.

There are many moving parts to the modern day supply chain and keeping up with it all can be time consuming and difficult. Valuechain helps to combat this step by step. First, the full supply chain network is mapped out for the full picture. Then, a communications channel with each supplier is created on a digitally secure platform. With all audits, questionnaires and diagnostics efficiently running through our platforms, the data is gathered and analysed in order to give you the ability to make informed decisions on supply development and collaboration.

Overcome uncertainty

If you could have more confidence in each element of your supply chain, what new heights could your business reach? Let us help you go further.

Uncertainty can stem from multiple sources. With Valuechain, quality, cost and delivery information from your ERP is shared with each respective supplier so that you share a single source of truth. Two-way communications over orderbook visibility, non-conformances and delivery approvals are all on one platform. That means the data is shared and both you and your supplier can see it at any time. Data can be displayed and analysed to easily identify any issues and promote a collaborative approach to improvements.

Avoid ambiguity

Have you experienced issues that stem from unclear supply chain communications? The solution is within reach.

Information that isn’t shared across the entirety of the supply chain is only helping part of it. The solution here all comes down to data and knowledge transfer that’s centered around productivity, collaboration and intelligence. Valuechain ensures the right data goes to the right people, at the right time, to make the right decisions. Reliably collected and analysed data that’s shared across networks leaves no room for interpretation, ensuring everyone is working towards the same goal.

Access new markets

Learning how to manage clusters or network with like-minded companies digitally doesn’t have to be difficult. It can all be done in one place.

Dealing with or inserting a business into large networks can be intimidating. Network Portal is the solution. Some of our customers are looking for ways to manage communications across superclusters and large scale networks. Others are either looking to join a network of organisations to increase network competitiveness, or diversify their customer base to ensure a steady flow of work. Either way, Network Portal helps you manage or penetrate these networks simply and all in one place. Whether it’s joining a global network across high value manufacturing, or forming cross-sector partnerships to transfer skills and supplies, Valuechain can help.  

Learn how Valuechain can improve your supply chain performance