Smart Factory Apps

Valuechain’s Smart Factory apps integrate with existing systems to capture more information from people plant and process and connect disparate departments in your factory. Analysing performance in real-time, they generate intelligence that enable you to succeed in Industry 4.0.

Intelligent Data Capture

Intuitively create customised forms, capture data around your business, and analyse results

Business Intelligence

Consolidate data in one place, and get real-time analytics on your whole business.

Calibration & Asset Management

Manage asset information and documentation in dynamic databases

Mobile Auditing Software

Simplify your audit process & manage corrective actions

Driven by Industry Knowledge

Too often manufacturing businesses resort to using spreadsheets to capture, analyse and present data as they are quick and simple to use.

However, spreadsheets are fragmented and very difficult to maintain in the absence of key personnel.

With over 100 years’ combined experience working in manufacturing supply chains, our innovation teams have designed several business improvement applications that combine the flexibility of spreadsheets with the traceability and rigour expected of an integrated business system.

Cloud based manufacturing software
Available through our secure data centre, so you can access data on the go, on multiple devices

Unlock Your Full Potential

Our apps can be used individually to solve specific problems in your business or combined as fully integrated solutions to generate continuous sustainable improvements and increase competitiveness.

"We have implemented several of the Valuechain business improvement apps and we now have business intelligence at the click of a button…anywhere in the world. Awesome!"

Lee Grant, MD Stainless Plating
Integrated solutions generate continuous sustainable improvements

Measurable Improvements Created in a Variety of Manufacturing Companies

"By replacing spreadsheets with iQapture, we have reduced time to capture and identify problems by up to 48%. The versatility of the programs means we are finding innovative uses for it, in multiple areas of the business."

Mark Harding, Bentley Motors
Bentley Valuechain Customer
Valuechain intelligent manufacturing software
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Valuechain intelligent manufacturing software
Valuechain intelligent manufacturing software