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Supply Chain
Management Platform

Manage Multi-Site Organisations & Improve Supply Chain Performance

Supplier Portal is a collaborative supply chain management platform that improves sub-tier supply chain performance. It does this through digital supply chain analysis and by creating easy communication and resolutions between supply links. 

The supply chain management software takes supplier auditing, diagnostics and supplier evaluation to the next level, with a platform that both collects data and analyses it. Think beyond simple online supply chain audits and consider Valuechain as an integrated supplier development management system. 

Making complex supply chains more easily manageable, it streamlines multi-site complexity and helps to create a connected and smart supply chain. It analyses real-time performance from ERP systems, shares information with suppliers and enables collaboration to drive quality, cost and delivery performance. 

Valuechain Supply Chain Analysis Software

Improve supplier QCD performance

Supplier analysis and supply chain visibility helps you stay on top of daily, weekly and monthly tasks. You can connect data from disparate ERP systems across multiple sites to view supplier performance, as well as monitoring Quality, Cost and Delivery KPIs including PPM, OTIF, Spend Analysis and NCRs. Our platform also helps you to segment supplier views by internal/external group level and site level – helping to get to root cause quickly and mitigate future risk.

Providing a single source of truth ​

In an innovative step in supplier performance management, Valuechain lets you connect and communicate with suppliers in the secure portal. This means all audits, questionnaires and diagnostics can run through the platform directly. You can share KPIs with suppliers and allow them to appeal discrepancies, as well as sharing order book visibility and collaborating with suppliers to agree on delivery targets.

Easily resolve NCRs and delivery appeals

Suppliers can raise delivery appeals if they believe there are data discrepancies and NCR management is used to resolve non-conformances through collaborative root cause analysis. Suppliers can attach evidence, submit corrective action reports and submit for your approval. The software also allows you to post company news and policies for suppliers to review and acknowledge.

How does Supplier Portal work?

The platform improves performance across quality, cost and delivery by simplifying complex supply chains for any organisation, no matter how complex they are. By connecting information from multiple sites using different ERP systems, Supplier Portal becomes your central platform for your organisation to manage supplier performance.

One site - multiple suppliers:

One customer with numerous suppliers, either spread globally or nationally, making it easier to keep track of everything in one place. The customer is able to share the data with the individual suppliers, so they are able to easily track if and where changes could be made for improvement.

Multiple sites - multiple suppliers:

A customer group who has multiple sites and multiple suppliers who are not all supplying the same sites, some suppliers may even be part of the same supplier group. This is when supply chains can get hard to follow and keep track of, but with Supplier Portal, the customer group is able to share data with their own sites and the suppliers who correspond with those sites. Using Supplier Portal for this kind of set-up makes running the supply chain much more efficient.

Multiple sites - multiple suppliers & supplier groups:

In these cases we see a customer group company split into regions, each with multiple divisions and then different sites. Here, there will be multiple suppliers and again, some possibly from a supplier group. Most of the suppliers will supply a couple of sites and will often have sites in common. Supplier Portal helps to simplify and monitor the supply chain from top to bottom, thanks to the data sharing function.

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